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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bryophytes of Southeast Alaska


For those that might be interested, I have compiled a reasonably
comprehensive list of bryophytes for Southeast Alaska. The bulk of the
list is due to Ian Worley from his PhD dissertation completed in 1972 at
University of British Columbia. I am very thankful for his permission
and enthusiasm when I asked if it was okay for me to include information
from his dissertation. In addition, I am thankful to Richard Andrus
who provided a list of Spahgnum species for the region. This list was
relayed to me by Kitty LaBounty, who has also provided a great deal of
help with names and identifications, and I grateful for her help, as well.

A not-quite-complete taxonomic list can be found here (a few of the
smaller families are missing):

A complete list that is alphabetical by scientific name can be found here:

I would certainly appreciate any suggestions or corrections. There have
been many name changes, and I am not a specialist, by any means.


Matt Goff

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