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Friday, July 3, 2009

AW: BRYONET: Moss Flora of Mauritius


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Betreff: BRYONET: Moss Flora of Mauritius


The Moss Flora of Mauritius

Jan-Peter Frahm, Brian J. O'Shea & Boon-Chuan Ho

Abstract: The mosses reported from Mauritius were compiled from the
literature and are listed with localities and references. Included are
collections by the first author made in 2007 on the island. Barbula indica,
Campylopus flavicoma, Racopilum ayresii and Ectropothecium chenagonii,
Groutiella tomentosa, Schlotheimia ferruginosa and Trichostomum
crispulum are reported as new to Mauritius. The list includes 238 species. A

short survey of the bryological exploration of the island is given.

Download as ever - for free for everybody as vol. 51 from <> .

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