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Monday, July 6, 2009

BRYONET: Candidates for the Riclef Grolle Award


The Riclef Grolle Committee is seeking candidates for the award:
"Excellence in Bryodiversity Research".

As stated in the IAB web page, the award is intended to: "bryologists
who work in developing countries and still manage to contribute
significantly to the knowledge of bryodiversity in bryophyte-rich areas
such as the tropics or smaller regions therein or in bryological
unexplored areas. Recognition should consider such evidence as
published work, outside grants and support, and establishment of
facilities and collections in areas of need. Nominations are opened to
all IAB members and must include supporting evidence for nomination.
The award will be given at most every two years at IAB meeting if the
committee considers that a nominee is worthy of the award. The award
will be granted once for each individual."

For additional information on the award, you may refer to the following

IAB: and select "awards and grants" or directly
to IAB2009:

Please send name(s) and achievements of the candidate(s) in support of
your selection to Noris Salazar Allen, committee chairman at, or to any of the committee members: William R. Buck,; Ines Sastre-De Jesus,; Min Petiot, or Javier Mart=EDnez Abaigar at

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