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Friday, July 3, 2009

BRYONET: Syllabus of Plant Families: Bryophytes


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Syllabus of Plant Families: Ed. by W. Frey. Volume 3: *Bryophytes* and
Seedless Vascular Plants. 2009. 72 figs. 1 tab. X, 419 p. gr8vo.

Hardcover. EUR 89.00 (Approx. US$ 126.00)

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This is a revised and completely restructured 13th edition of Engler's
Syllabus to be published in 5 volumes in English for the first time.

Volume 3 (the first published of 5 volumes scheduled) provides a
thorough treatment of the world - wide morphological and molecular
diversity of a part of 'lower' plants (Marchantiophyta, Bryophyta,
Anthoceratophyta, Tracheophyta p.p.: Rhyniophytina, Lycophytina,
'Trimerophytina', Moniliformopses ('Pteridophyta'), Radiotopses

- The advance in DNA sequencing and advances in phylogenetic analysis
has raised new interest in the relationships of liverworts, mosses,
hornworts, ferns, and fern allies as extant representatives of early
land plant evolution. Following the tradition of Adolf Engler with the
morphological - anatomical data and incorporating latest results from
molecular phylogenetics an phylogenomics, and up - to - date overview of
families and genera has been created that will serve as reference for a
long time. - The next volume to come is volume 1 Algae & Fungi in 2010.

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