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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

AW: BRYONET: [Fwd: Re: moss microcosms


Dear Maaike,
the obscure objects in question are all spores of different imperfect fungi. The
first picture may be of a spore of a species of Pithomyces sp. or Drechslera
sp.; the second and third show typical muricate spores of Alternaria spp.; the
forth shows a macroconidium of a Fusarium sp. and the fifth looks a bid like
Fusariella sp, but might also be of an Ascomycete. Full indentification could be
achieved by investing cultures of the different fungi. I would be very
interested in your whole identification-list!
Best wishes!

Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Hofbauer

Gruppenleiter Biologie
Abt. Bauchemie, Baubiologie und Hygiene
Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik
Institutsteil Holzkirchen
Fraunhoferstraße 10
83626 Valley
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Telefax +49 (0)8024 / 643-366

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