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Thursday, August 6, 2009

BRYONET: Material of Forsstroemia?


Dear bryonetters,

My colleague Sanna Olsson and I are carrying out DNA-based
phylogenetic studies on the moss family Neckeraceae and we are trying
to get as comprehensive a species sampling as possible. To that end I
inquire if some of you are fortunate enough to possess relatively
fresh (from c. 1990 onwards) specimens of some of the following species:

Forsstroemia coronata
F. cryphaeoides
F. indica
F. japonica
F. neckeroides
F. thomsonii
F. tripinnata

We would only need a small amount of a shoot for the analyses, so the
specimens will not be destroyed. I am afraid we are in a bit of a
hurry so if you have such specimens, would it be possible to send them
soon? I will of course verify the identifications for you if you are
not sure which species you have.
Thank you!
Best wishes,
Johannes Enroth

Dr. Johannes Enroth
PhD, University Lecturer, Bryologist
Dept. of Biological and Environmental Sciences
P.O. Box 65
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
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