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Saturday, August 29, 2009

BRYONET: New Volume of Bryophyte Ecology online

Dear Bryologists and those interested in bryophytes,
I am pleased to announce that a new volume (Bryological Interaction)
of my online book on Bryophyte Ecology is beginning to go online. Thus
far, I have added:
Chapter 1: The Fauna
Chapter 2: Protozoa
[Chapter 3: Coming later]
Chapter 4: Invertebrates
Sponges, gastrotrichs, flatworms, nematodes, annelids
[Chapter 5 - Chapter 13: Coming later]
Note also that Volume 5 is online (Uses)
Chapter 1: Household and Personal
Chapter 2: Medicine
Chapter 3: Arts
Chapter 4: Aquaria
Chapter 5: Construction
Chapter 6: Technological Commercial
Chapter 7: Horticulture
and the Glossary (only completed for volume 1)
Please let me know words you would like added to the Glossary and any
suggestions or corrections you have for these volumes.
Again, thank you to all who have helped me gather information and images.
Dr. Janice M. Glime
Prof. Emerita, Manager of Bryonet, Past-President of IAB
219 Hubbell St.
Houghton, MI 49931 USA
phone: 906-482-1610

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