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Thursday, September 24, 2009

BRYONET: Campylopus introflexus

I'm contacting you to seek your assistance regarding the alien invasive
moss species Campylopus introflexus.
I am doing my Master thesis at the University of Copenhagen, I am
studying C. introflexus. In my thesis I am, among other things, trying
to make an updated map of the distribution of C. introflexus. I was told
by bryologist Jan-Peter Frahm that the species was discovered in Alaska,
and that its findings probably was published in Evansia. I do
unfortunately not have aces to Evansia, and would therefore ask you, if
you know of reports of this species from Alaska, and where it has been
found in Alaska?
I hope to hear from you.
Best regards
Jonas Klinck
Master Student
University of Copenhagen
Section of Ecology & Evolution
Department of Biology,
Universitetsparken 15
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Department of Biology
Mobile: + 4526830591

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