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Friday, October 23, 2009

BRYONET: break-through paper?


Dear Bryonetters,
I just wanted to bring this highly interesting paper to your
attention, since it was published in a genetical journal that many of
us don't regularly read:

Korpelainen, H. et al. 2008: The first sex-specific molecular marker
discovered in the moss Pseudocalliergon trifarium. Journal of Heredity
99(6): 581-587.

Best wishes,
Johannes E.

Dr. Johannes Enroth
PhD, University Lecturer, Bryologist
Dept. of Biological and Environmental Sciences
P.O. Box 65
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

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  1. Dear Brynet Members:
    I will appreciate to have reprints/information on the Moss and Global warming or
    any publication related to the C02 sequestration by mosses/bryophytes.
    Kind regards