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Friday, October 9, 2009

BRYONET: California crustose workshop with Dr. Brodo


*5-Day Crustose Lichen Workshop February, 2010*

The Jepson Herbarium Public Workshop program, operating out of UC
Berkeley, California, provides educational opportunities for interested
amateur and professional botanists through a weekend workshop series.
The Jepson Herbarium has offered lichen workshops in the past, and
currently is considering its offerings for the 2010 year to include a
5-day crustose workshop with Dr. Irwin Brodo in early 2010.

Dr. Brodo is an emeritus scientist at the Canadian Museum of Nature

in Ottawa <\oOttawa>, Ontario
<\oOntario>, Canada. He is a world
authority on the identification and biology of lichens
<\oLichens>, and was honored in 1994
with an Acharius Medal

presented to him by the International Association for outstanding
contributions to lichenology. Dr. Brodo's list of publications includes
75 research papers, 8 popular articles, 22 reviews and 6 editorials. One
of Irwin Brodo's great achievements was the publication of the 795 page
book, "*Lichens of North America*" which is filled with high quality
photographs of lichens taken by Sylvia and Stephen Sharnoff.

The course will be at the Bodega Bay Marine Lab, from Saturday morning
the 20th of February to Wednesday afternoon the 24^th
Meals and dorm style lodging would be included. Contact Cecile Shohet
if interested. –

Cecile Shohet
Public Education,
Jepson Herbarium, UC
1001 Valley Life
Sciences Bldg
Berkeley, CA 94720-24655
phone (510) 643-7008
_cshohet@berkeley.edu_ <>

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