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Thursday, October 1, 2009

BRYONET: Scopelophila cataracta growing on tree trunks

I joined a team working the diversity of epiphyte flora in Doi Inthanon,
northern Thailand, mainly of a 15 ha
permanet plot situated at elevation of 1700 m from sealel. We climb up
to the crown of emergent trees by using
climbing rope technique as well as collect samples from fallen trees and
trunks (because I am too old to climb up
by myself...)
(for more information about the permanent plot, plese see the following
PDF file
Among the collections obtained I found two small mats of Pottiaceous species
collected at 25 m and 40 m height from the ground of a living tree
(Mastixia euonymoides, Cornaceae).
They were not directly attached to trunk surfaces but growing among
Orchid bulbils and some litters from the crown.
It is very curious because their morphologies well coincide those of
Scopelophila cataracta,
famous copper moss. I compared the Thailand plants with Japanese ones
growing on soils and boulders, but
could not find any differences.
I would like to hear about your experiences if you have collected
Sceopelophila cataracta (or other
copper mosses) growing on tree trunks or unusual habitats.

Hiroyuki Akiyama
Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo

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