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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

RE: BRYONET: local endemics


Well. How to explain this? Perhaps mistrust that there are species and
genera "out there" though recognized by botanists since Aristotle is due
to an over-focus on pure method leading to emptying from classifications
of biological content.

1. Over-focus on "automatic classification" of pheneticists, where
weighting is discouraged because a "phyletic" element is discorage.
2. Over-focus on narrow types of data (phylogenetic data sets) to
exclusion of chromosome numbers, geography, population genetics, etc.).
3. Over-focus on sister-group relationships to exclusion of
macroevolution, leading to trees that are just nested parentheses with
no named ancestors.
4. Emphasis on importance of extremes of the usual spectrum of degree of
group distinction; some species stink, others are different at genus
level, most are distinguishable by traits given in floras.
5. Ignoring value to other sciences of basic units of taxonomy; they are
of pragmatic value.

Ultimately, phylogenetic leads to anomie. Empty precision leads to
aleatory classifications.

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