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Friday, October 23, 2009

Re: BRYONET: ventral surface of leaf



Interesting thought. But I don't need to think about whether it is
or incubous when using ventral or dorsal to refer the margins of leaves,
unless you let the plant upside down.

Dorsal and ventral have been used in so many ways and also in different
dimensions, our ablility of describing these samall plants is just so
limited! But I have to say that incubous and succubous are quite unique and
functionable terms. Even for me, far from the language origin, I could
immediately know what they mean in bryology after they were taught. I
noticed these terms were used by Nees in 1833, I guess the time when they
were first applied for describing leaf arrangements in liverworts must be
earlier than that. The observation on the two major kinds of leaf
arrangements and the choice of using incubous/succubous were amazing.

Best wishes,

Xiaolan He
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