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Monday, October 26, 2009

Re: BRYONET: ventral surface of leaf-Pleurozia


Pleurozia has an apical cell with two cutting faces, only lateral
contribute to the stem and no trace of ventral merophytes. In this case, I
would say it would be a vain effort of describing which is ventral and
is dorsal. You can see this in Pleurozia paradoxa.

It is quite natural for us to think about which side is ventral or dorsal
when the leaves are not in symmetry in this genus, but the organization of
Pleurozia is entirely different from those of the rest leafy liverworts
which have one ventral cutting face and two corresponding lateral cutting
faces and all these three merophytes are of in equal size in their early
development. These leafy liverworts (with three cutting faces) do have a
true ventral/dorsal side to me, regardless of whether underleaves are
present or absent.

Please correct me if I am very wrong!

Best wishes,
Xiaolan He
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