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Friday, October 9, 2009

There you have it: Many species just are paraphyletic

Thanks for your vote, and the repeated explanation on paraphyly as you understand it. It make me look at my English-Spanish dictionary for "joss". Great word! Although I think the joss is of molecular statistical phylogenetics (aka likelihood and Bayesian approaches).
My vote is different. Species as lineages are monophyletic. Therefore, when it comes to a method for grouping (NOT RANKING), I prefer to trust in results of phylogenetic analysis {don't care as much if morphological or molecular or combined}.What is important is the soundness of the epistemology about groups and the robustness of the method to reveal such groups.
It is great that in this forum we are discussing about important epistemological concepts, such as groups, monophyly and species.
My two (Mexican) cents.
Instituto de Ecologia AC. Xalapa,

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