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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AW: BRYONET: Mosses and lichens on roofs


Dear Juha-Matti,
Your question is not easy to answer, it has many different aspects.
First it depends on materials used and type of construction and also in
which climatic- resp. bioregion your building is situated how many and
what kind of growth you may expect on your roof. Especially the
microclimatic conditions and the support with nutrients are possible
triggers of growth. Then there are different strategies to prevent or
delay growth. Shingles may be coated with enamel, for instance. A copper
roof maybe even be without any visible growth. Since some years there
are photocatalytic active shingles on the market. Furthermore there are
used biocides to protect construction materials against unwanted growth.
There have been written whole books on all these aspects, but at least
you got some ideas for your recherché?
Best wishes!

Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Hofbauer

Gruppenleiter Biologie
Abt. Bauchemie, Baubiologie und Hygiene
Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik
Institutsteil Holzkirchen
Fraunhoferstraße 10
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