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Thursday, November 12, 2009

BRYONET: Spring Field Trip SW-Germany April 2010


Spring fieldtrip in SW-Germany at Freiburg

In April (17.-23.) 2010 there will be a Bryophyte Excursion near Freiburg
for the members of NBS (Nordic Bryological Society) and guests. There are
some free places, so everybody, who is interested, can take place, until
limit of participants (20) has reached.

We will see many different sites, loess areas with Mediteranean species
as montane areas in Black Forest. Some of the species, that we will see:

Brachydontium trichodes, Campylostelium saxicola, Cinclidotus danubius,
Dialytrichia mucronata, Dicranum viride, Orthotrichum rogeri, Pterygoneurum
lamellatum, P. subsessile, Sematophyllum demissum, Sphaerocarpus michelii,
Tortula brevissima, T. vahliana, Ulota coarctata

You can see the detailed programm on

If you are interestd to take part, please send me a note soon and I put you
on a list. The final registration you have to do before 15. January

I'm looking forward to see you in Freiburg

Michael Lueth

Michael Lueth
Emmendinger Str. 32
79106 Freiburg
+49 (0)761 280 944
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