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Friday, November 20, 2009

For an interesting houseplant, gather ye moss

For an interesting houseplant, gather ye moss: Jeff Lowenfels |
I like mosses. They are some of my favorite plants. They don't grow very tall. They don't need any care. When they dry out, you just need to add water to green them up again. They really don't need all that much light. And they are beautiful.
Don't worry. This is not a column on something you have to do for the moss in your lawn. Lord knows, I am not thinking about my lawn at 8 degrees. Well, not too much anyhow.
No, I like moss so much that I grow it indoors as houseplants (I guess I should say "mosses"). In fact, of all our houseplants, I would have to rank mosses right up at the top of the list for ease of care, interest and beauty.
Moss? Yes, moss. The familiar, green, soft, dense mats consist of lots and lots of individual, nonvascular plants that are botanically known as "bryophytes." They are universally recognized, so that is enough botany.

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