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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Re: BRYONET: Mosses and lichens on roofs


Hey Juha-Matti
Thanks for your response. Personally, I don't believe that mosses
deteriorate the surface of asphalt shingles. In fact, the mosses should add
a cooling factor to the dwelling -- the same effect desired when people
purposefully create green roofs. Concrete surfaces may have some
deterioration but not significant. Removal of mosses may just be an attitud=
not a justifiable need. The bryophytes that grow on roofs seem to NEED the
contrast in temperatures. They may actually need to get hot and dry out
periodically. I've wondered if I should use shingles under these types when
I've retrieved from a roof and want to use it in a garden application.

I will be happy to provide you with samples of the bryophyte types that
flourish in western North Carolina that already grow on roofs. Most often, =
find them on roofs that are in partial shade/sunlight with all types of sun
exposures -- east, west, south and north.

Also, I'll talk to roofers to gather some data about their opinion of
mosses. It is my guess that they think mosses cause damage. I'm not
convinced this is actually the case but once again "An old wives tale" or
urban legend. One roofer admitted that only after the moss was removed
did a leak start. Mosses might be an advantage not a disadvantage. If
you have a
survey instrument or questionnaire, I will be glad to use it in my
information gathering.

Although some people have nerve enough to ask me how to get rid of
mosses, I only respond that I will come retrieve them to save them. I
won't tell them what works. However, bleach will kill mosses. For your
purposes, the Internet posts links to commercial applications. Here are
a few:<

use of Zinc)<


This last one is popular with golf courses since they have huge concerns
about mosses interfering with turf. I've been told it is expensive but
one of the few that really works.)

Please share your research and results with me. I seek to learn all that I
can about my beloved mosses. I am interested in learning of unbiased
studies regarding actual deterioration or lack thereof. If you wish to
include WNC mosses, then I send you some specimens.

I've been busy this week transforming a hillside with moss magic. The
unimaginative landscaper's use of nandina bushes and pine needles has been
replaced with about ten types of bryophytes. The customer has planned a
Christmas surprise for her husband. I am confident that he will be
delighted when he arrives home this weekend. Check out my facebook page
for the most recent photos. I'll be posting them on my own Web site in a
few days.

Please stay in touch.
Go Green With Moss!
Mossin' Annie

Moss Transformation by Mossin' Annie November
Mountain Moss Enterprises
Cashiers, NC

Annie Martin
Mountain Moss Enterprises

2009/11/18 Juha-Matti V=E4h=E4talo <>

> Hey Annie
> Actually I am very interested about all mosses and lichens growing on roo=
> and one part of my thesis will be identifing what species are there in ur=
> environments especially on artificial surfaces. Then because people think
> mosses are not really esthetic on their roofs (I don't agree) and wont to
> get rid of them I would like to find an environmentally safe way for peop=
> to do so.
> What comes to the studies about mosses/lichens deteriorating roof surface=
> I'm not there yet but that will be one part of my studies. I have seen ro=
> shingle been degraded but i am not sure is it the mosses to blaim or
> lichens. I will tell you when I know :)
> Juha-Matti

Annie Martin
Mountain Moss Enterprises
40 Holly Ridge Road
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768

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