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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RE: BRYONET: Naming Nature


Well, this book mainly supports appreciation of naming nature versus,
say, sports. On the other hand, I detect, bwana devil, that you are
making a parallel between cladists and taxonomic traditionalists, versus
modern scientists and traditional (primitive tribespersons, their
shadows dancing in the firelight on the tent walls) namers of nature.

Actually, modern evolutionary systematists, see
use all kinds of scientific evidence (biogeography, cytology, growth
studies, genomic, whatever) based on well-supported evolutionary theory
to create an evolution-based classification, while phylogeneticists
focus (mainly) on strict phylogenetic monophyly in molecular cladograms.
Phylogenetics is more closely akin to simplistic quackery ("quicksilver
cures all" or "similis similibus curantur" or "monophyly is evolution")
than modern evolutionary systematics.

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