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Monday, December 28, 2009

RE: [BRYONET] Fissidens query

These are small tubers –the first image shows large lipid droplets inside the cells. The last image shows that they are produced from rhizoidal side branches cf chytrid galls which are terminal.

The images in the following papers may be helpful.


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Duckett, J.G. & Pressel, S. (2003) Studies of protonemal morphogenesis in mosses IX.  Discelium nudum:  exquisite adaptation to unstable claybanks.  Journal of Bryology. 25, 241-246.

Martinez-Abaigar, J. Nunez-Olivera, E. Matcham, H.W.& Duckett, J.G.(2005) Interactions between parasitic fungi and mosses: pegged and swollen-tipped rhizoids in Bryum and Funaria. Journal of Bryology,27,47-53.




Jeffrey G.Duckett, BA PhD (Cantab.), Emeritus Professor of Botany, School of Biological & Chemical Sciences, Fogg Building, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS Tel: (++44)(0)207 609 4287  email: and Dept of Botany, Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London,SW7

From: Zhang Li []
Sent: 24 December 2009 10:16
Cc: zhangli
Subject: [BRYONET] Fissidens query


Dear bryofriends,


Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!


I came across a tiny Fissidens species from Macao, Southern China. The most peculiar characters are: 1) There are something similar to protonemata developed from rhizoids, I’d like to know if they are protonemata or not? 2) There are some rounded bodies attached on the rhizoids, are they tubers? Four images attached show the details.


Any suggestions are welcome.


Thanks in advance.






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