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Thursday, December 17, 2009

RE: [BRYONET] Sphagna-liverworts

You might find these references useful.

Two interesting features of Gymnocolea are that it lacks a fungus and does not produce flagelliform axes.


K. Pocock & J.G. Duckett (1985).  On their occurrence of branched and swollen rhizoids in British hepatics:  their relationships with the substratum and associations with fungi.  New Phytologist 99: 281-304.


J.G. Duckett & R.S. Clymo (1988).  Regeneration of bog liverworts.  New Phytologist 110: 119-127.


J.G. Duckett, K.S. Renzaglia, K. Pell & A. Russell (1989).  The biology of underground organs in the Jungermanniales.  Bulletin of the British Bryological Society 53: 19-23.


J.G. Duckett, K.S. Renzaglia & K. Pell (1991).  A light and electron microscope study of rhizoid-ascomycete associations and flagelliform axes in British hepatics: with observations on the effects of the fungus on host morphology.  New Phytologist, 118: 233-257.


J.G. Duckett & D.J. Read (1991).  The use of the fluorescent dye 3, 3'dihexylocarbocyanine iodide (DiOC6(3)) for selective staining of ascomycete fungi asssociated with liverwort rhizoids and ericoid mycorrhizal roots.  New Phytologist 118: 259-272.


J.G. Duckett & D.J. Read (1995).  Ericoid mycorrhizas and rhizoid-ascomycete associations in liverworts share the same mycobiont:  isolation of the partners and their resynthesis in vitro.  New Phytologist. 129, 439-447.


Pressel S, Davis E C, Ligrone R, Duckett J G. 2008. An ascomycetous endophyte induces branching and septation of the rhizoids in the leafy liverwort family the Schistochilaceae (Jungermanniidae, Hepaticopsida). American Journal of Botany. 95:531-541.




Jeffrey G.Duckett, BA PhD (Cantab.), Emeritus Professor of Botany, School of Biological & Chemical Sciences, Fogg Building, Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS Tel: (++44)(0)207 609 4287 email:


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Dear colleagues,


I am looking for literature that have studied the interactions between

Sphagna and hepatics particularly with Cladopodiella or Gymnocolea in

wet carpets or at pool margin.


I am aware of this paper: Paasio, I., 1934. Uber die Lebermoore der

Hochmoore Finnlands. Annales botanici societatis zoologicae-botanicae

Fennicae Vanamo 5, 20-30.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestion regarding this topic.


Merry Christmas to all,


Line Rochefort

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