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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Bryological Times Issue 133 is ready

Hello Everyone,
Please note that the latest issue of The Bryological Times is finished and will be available to IAB members. Note that this issue (133) will have the following topics and news from country socieities in it:

Fungi, Lichen and Bryophyte Workshop in Panama
Book Review: Nova Hedwigia Beiheft 138 and 139
Australian National Botanic Gardens: Lichen Website
Gesneriaceae of South China
Crum Bryophyte Workshop
Tools, Tips, and Techniques
Book Review: Compilation of Musci in Symbolae sinicae
365nm-UV-Lichen candelaris
Lindbergia goes Open Access
IAB blog updates
IAB membership dues
Stephensoniella brevipedunculata rediscovered
ABLS 2011: A Meeting and an Adventure
European Committee for the Conservation of Bryophytes News
Carnet de bryologie
The National Symposium of the Bryological Society of China
Bryological Theses
News from Helsinki
Moss 2011
Book Reviews: 3 of Zhang's works
Book Review: Bryophyte Ecology and Climate Change

Don't forget to submit your news to DB Poli at today!

DB & Geert

1 comment:

  1. Dear Editor Sir,
    Article "Stephensoniella brevipedunculata rediscovered" which is published in volume 133
    is wrong. Sir, I (Yash Paul) have rediscover this species. But due to my busy schedule , I have given my Material to mr. Anil Sharma But He has not given my name in the artical. Please, sir write my name as first author,other wise delete this article.

    Yash Paul
    Asistant Professor of Botany
    Govt. Degree college,