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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Research on Lankan bryophytes

The Department of National Botanical Gardens has initiated a preliminary research on Sri Lankan bryophytes, the botanical group for plants such as mosses and liverworts.
These plants are identified as prominent bio indicator plant varieties that provide important clues about the health of the environment.
"Most of the information regarding this vital group of plants is still at a very fundamental level", said Director General of the Department of Botanical Gardens Dr. Siril Wijesundara. The research would lead to systematic conservation of bryophytes in Sri Lanka.
It will be conducted through the National Herbarium operated under this Department.
To address the lack of expert knowledge and identification facilities in the country, the Department of National Botanical Gardens and the Bio Diversity Secretariat of the Ministry of Environment will jointly organise a national workshop for researchers on 'Evolution, Biodiversity and Conservation of Sri Lankan Bryoflora' at the Peradeniya Royal Botanic Garden tomorrow.

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