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Monday, October 29, 2012

Tribute issue of Lindbergia for Heinjo During

Lindbergia is now presenting a special issue  on the occasion of the formal retirement of the eminent bryologist Heinjo During, Utrecht University.

This issue starts with  a preface titled "Heinjo During's retirement enables him to fully focus on bryology". The preface is written by Marinus J. A. Werger Utrecht University, Netherlands and Fred J. A. Daniels, Münster University, Germany, who have also acted as guest editors.

Then follows four original papers that were presented during a symposium at Utrecht University in December 2011.

 A. M. Kooijman
'Poor rich fen mosses': atmospheric N-deposition and P-eutrophication in base-rich fens

S. K. Rice
The cost of capillary integration for bryophyte canopy water and carbon dynamics

R.-J. Bijlsma, J. Niewkoop and  H. Siebel
Ephemerum cohaerens and E. rutheanum: persistent annual bryophytes in the Dutch Rhine floodplain

N. Cronberg
Animal-mediated fertilization in bryophytes � parallel or precursor to insect pollination in angiosperms?

Lindbergia is a journal issued by the Nordic Bryological Society and the Dutch Bryological and Lichenological Society.

As you probably already know Lindbergia is, starting from volume 34, an Open Access journal, freely available for download at

Go for it now!

/Nils Cronberg, Lund University
Editor-in-chief Lindbergia

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