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Monday, November 4, 2013

A new liverwort flora: The Liverworts of Greenland by Kell Damsholt

This message is announcing that the Nordic Bryological Society in collaboration with the Oikos Editorial Office has issued a new liverwort flora:

The Liverworts of Greenland

by Kell Damsholt

The book contains 626 pages with 192 illustrations and 193 maps in hard cover.

The initial chapter deals with the general patterns of taxonomy, distribution, habitats and reproduction of Greenlandic liverworts.

The major part of the book includes keys and in-depth descriptions of 178 liverwort species known from Greenland. The text is written in the same concise style as the Illustrated Flora of the Nordic Liverworts and Hornworts by the same author. The morphology of species is presented together with accurate illustrations and information about infraspecific differentiation patterns. Keys to subspecific taxa are included when appropriate.  Information about the distribution is supported by maps. The ecological demands are also presented separately for each species.

The book can be ordered through Oikos webshop:
Price €80 plus postage.

/Nils Cronberg
Lund University
Editor-in-chief Lindbergia

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