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Monday, April 7, 2014

Gathering moss: NY Times, April 2, 2014 
Gathering Moss
By M. Tortorello, NY Times, April 2, 2014
BREVARD, N.C. — Look up, Mossin’ Annie Martin told me, look up on the tin roof of the “bulimia treatment center.” Can you see the rust-green clump waiting to be rescued by a loving hand? That’s Entodon seductrix: what she, and no one else, refers to as “shiny, sexy moss.”
Mossin’ Annie — everyone calls her that — had arranged to meet me in the parking lot behind the Sunset Motel. “I can see they’re putting a new roof on,” she said, scanning the property next door. “And it’s not going to be long until they get to this” — a shed along the fence line. She had introduced herself and had gotten permission to pluck the moss off the roof.

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