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Monday, January 19, 2015

Fischer - Liverworts and Hornworts of Rwanda

Dear Colleagues,
most of you are probably know the excellent book "Eberhard Fischer, Liverworts and Horn word of Rwanda, AbcTaxa vol. 14 (2013) 552 pp.” For those who do not yet know about this book and which are interested two references:
This publication is available online and as hard copy. Online you can download it as pdf file in low resolution (90 MB) by:
There is also an edition in high resolution in 28 single parts (altogether 330 MB) to be downloaded from the web page: (only part 15 is not available yet)
To get a hard copy you can send an email to and you will get a proforma invoice with the bank details for the money transfer. In my case 35.27 EUR (ABC taxa Vol 14) plus 16.74 EUR shipping costs (Belgium to Germany). That such a unique book is available both as online and as a hard copy could be a best practice example just in times with limited financial resources.
Kind regards
Gerhard Winter (hb FR)

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