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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New model systems for early land plant evolution - Vienna 22-24th June 2016.

Registration is now open for a three-day meeting that may be of interest: 

New model systems for early land plant evolution
Vienna 22-24th June 2016. 

"Little is known about how early land plants conquered land and the origins of the major features of flowering plants.
Publication of the genome of the filamentous alga Klebsormidium in 2014 and the forecasted publication of the genome of one of the earliest land plants - Marchantia - in 2016 promise tools to understand the major events that enabled the transition from a blue (the reign of algae) to a green (the reign of land plants) planet Earth. 
This EMBO Workshop will focus on the development and dissemination of resources for a growing community of researchers interested in this topic. Although work related to Marchantia will be a major topic, this EMBO Workshop will also include seminal studies in orphan groups of land plants ancestors such a charales and other bryophytes including the well established model Physcomitrella and emerging model such as hornworts.

The EMBO Workshop will cover broad aspects including Phylogeny, Genomics, Development, and Epigenetics."

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