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The mission of the International Association of Bryologists (IAB), as a society, is to strengthen bryology by encouraging interactions among all persons interested in byophytes.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Comments about IAB blog

Let us know what you think, suggestions for improvement, etc.


  1. Hi Efrain! I'm glad to see the lively discussion about the most extreme bryophytes on the IAB blog. It looks like this blog is filling out nicely. I like the search box, and the labels to find things. The archive seems a bit, oh, I've lost the word... too many entries. I think, though, that it is best as it is, so that a person might have hope of finding something (versus a calendar-because this blog has a lot of listserve postings meaning multiple postings in a day). I do have one comment for improvement. At first I thought all the links were like this and I was impressed, but then I poked around trying other links. I find it most helpful when I click on a link if the new page opens in a new window. I think you know how, but in case you do not, you put "target=new" or "target=blank" in the html code. (I am not being allowed to post an example in the comment-ask your web person if you don't know) You can do this for the photos too. Nice work!

  2. Thanks so much Lisa for your nice comments and suggestions.
    About the link function, maybe it is a matter of personal preferences. I think it is a good option to leave up to the visitor to open a link in a new window or new tab just by clicking the mouse right button. But sure, if this issue keeps coming I will add the "target=new" code to links.

  3. Hello Efraín,
    I like the IAB blog site too. It is well set out, not too cluttered. But one criticism. When you click on the IAB web links button above, it takes you to the old IAB website, which has a lot of out of date information. I see that you have updated a lot of that information on this blog, but when googling for the IAB, the old website invariably comes up. Is there some way we can rectify this by, say, taking down the old IAB website?

  4. Chris, thanks so much for your nice comment and criticism. The old pages are still the "official" web site for IAB, so the links.
    Yeah, I could easily replicate all pages from the old site here in the blog (with the "pages" tool, for example). As blog pages, these become accessible for registered authors. Therefore, updating web content would become a shared responsibility. But such improvement and the taking down of the old web site are decisions of the IAB officers and Council.
    Hopefully, soon we will discuss and promote using this blog as the most important internet resource of IAB. Static html pages as in the old IAB web site these days are no longer as effective as in the past. New technology for blog posting makes really easy to promote collaboration, editing/posting of entries, and distributing dynamic content as RSS feeds. This is the (easiest, although not the only) way to go!

  5. The latest issue of The Bryological Times will soon be placed onto the IAB website. Volume 131 is ready to go.

    Look for articles about:
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    and others!

    If you are intested in this publication, please contact DB Poli at or Jim Shevock (treasurer) at today!

  6. Hi! Are your grants currently available? Where could I obtain more information?


    Cindy Auer