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Monday, August 11, 2008

Moss culturing

Subject: Moss culturing
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 10:03:02 -0500
From: Malcolm Sargent <>
To: Bryonet <>


As many of you know, for over twenty years I maintained an axenic
collection of 100-some bryophytes from around the world. That
collection is presently in the care of Brent Mishler at the
University of California at Berkeley. The wisdom that I was able to
accumulate about culturing is found in "A Guide to the Axenic
Culturing of a Spectrum of Bryophytes" (Methods in Bryology; Janice
Glime, Ed.; The Hattori Botanical Laboratory; pp.17-24; 1988).

In order to prevent a catastrophic loss of my collection (my lab was
gutted by fire on one occasion), I maintained a duplicate set of
cultures at home in a make-shift growth chamber - in the bedroom of
my tiny basement apartment as a matter of fact. During the courtship
of my wife of 20-some years, Ann Hope Sargent, she was exposed to the
come-on line of "wouldn't you like to see my collection of beautiful
mosses" on more than one occasion during the late 1970's.

Given the success of my courtship, and our subsequent marriage, I
feel quite comfortable in recommending the use of bryophytes in human
courtship. Sphagnum bogs - I don't think so. I suspect that such an
application is not discussed in the Uses of Bryophytes by Dinesh
Saxena, but I do intend to purchase a copy of the book to check.
Actually I'm more than interested in the book for more traditional
reasons also.

Cheers, Mac.

Malcolm L. Sargent
Dept. Plant Biology, Univ. Illinois
Urbana IL 61801
Ph: 217-333-0287 (Office); 217-367-9830 (Home)
Fax: 217-244-7246 (Dept).

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