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Monday, November 24, 2008

Tall Dendroligotrichum dendroides

Subject: Re: BRYONET: World's most extreme bryophyte (in terms of size)
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 15:23:45 -0300
From: Juan Larraín <>


Hi Boon-Chuan Ho,

I think this is a quite interesting topic for bryonet.

Recently I collected in the extremely humid lowland rainforests of southern
Chile (Aison Region) some huge specimens of Dendroligotrichum dendroides,
the tallest measuring 59 cm! The forest floor was plenty of this species,
and it was the "king" of a very interesting mini-ecosystem, with several
moss and liverwort species livind in its "shade". It was my first meeting
with the beautiful Rhaphidorrhynchium dendroligotrichum, a tiny moss species
that is know to occur ONLY as an epiphyte on Dendroligotrichum dendroides.

Since then I have been wandering if there are records of Dawsonia superba
taller than these plants.

Maybe somebody on bryonet can tell me.


Juan Larrain B.
Departamento de Botanica
Universidad de Concepcion
Casilla 160-C, Concepcon, Chile
Fono: (56) 41-2204418
Fax: (56) 41-2246005

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