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Thursday, July 9, 2009

RE: BRYONET: mosses - microorganisms


It's difficult to say what organisms we see without having a scale,
information about the cutting-plane and additional information about what
other structures we see on the photos.

I don't think we see Bacteria, as was suggested by Rod Seppelt in an earlier
e-mail, since the "organisms" are obviously compartimented and seem to have
at least two different membrane systems. So it is much more likely that we
are talking about eucaryotes.
The organisms on the upper picture remind me about a ciliate like Euglena
for example. The organisms on the lower picture have similarities to yeasts.
But my knowledge of single-celled organisms is very basic and somebody else
might have a better idea.


Volker Buchbender
Clara-Viebig-Str. 5
01159 Dresden

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