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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Re: BRYONET: mosses - microorganisms


In reply to Carmen Alfayate.

Although there is no scale bar, two pictures seem to show endophytic
bacteria. It is difficult to identify them at genus level, but I think Fig.
1 is Gram-negative bacteria. You can see some engulfing structures on the
cell surface, usually called "pits", which are specific structure formed
when bacteria use macromolecules as nutrient sources.

Such structures can be seen widely in Gram-negative bacteria also other than
Sphingomonas species.

Fig2 also seems bacteria. They are not yeast and fungi, because there is no
mitochondria or peroxisomes inside and the cell division system does not
seem ones of Eukaryotes. The nuclei-like structure can be recognized as
endospores. Endospore-forming bacteria are only Firmicutes. Many pictures
are available for Firmicutes endospores on the net. Please try to find
similar one.

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