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Sunday, December 20, 2009

[BRYONET] IAB blog vs bryonet

In response to Jean,
This was the first notice from our blog site as I was beginning to use
the new software. The blog site automatically notifies bryonet when
there is a post. I debated whether to send it, but decided to as a
reminder that the blog site does have discussions posted. Then I
received two more anonymous posts from the blog site and made the
decision that what is posted to the blog site was only intended for the
blog site and should only be posted there. If a person posts there
instead of posting to bryonet, the person has chosen not to post to the
The blog site automatically notifies "bryonet" when something is
posted. This is good when there is a picture or announcement that is
large and can clog mailboxes. But I think that discussions on the blog
should stay on the blog. However, this mailing list belongs to the
members, so if you disagree with that approach, let me know.

A note of caution:
I can no longer edit messages before they go out. Usually my only
editing was to remove the copies of the previous email messages. Now,
that will be the responsibility of the responders. Please try to keep
the messages from including long messages that preceded them.
Sometimes I receive a message for bryonet that was clearly meant for
an individual. With the old software, I would redirect it to the person
for whom it was clearly intended. That is no longer possible, so I will
reject it and the sender will receive an automatic notice of rejection.

Thank you, everyone, for your help and patience.


Jean Faubert wrote:
> I wonder if anonymous posting are appropriate, no matter what a person
> position might be on a particular subject.
> This is a scientific discussion group isn't it ?
> Janice, do we have a policy on this ? If not, do we need one ?

Dr. Janice M. Glime, Prof. Emerita
(Michigan Technological University)
Past-President of IAB, Manager of Bryonet
219 Hubbell St.
Houghton, MI 49931 USA
phone: 906-482-1610

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