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The mission of the International Association of Bryologists (IAB), as a society, is to strengthen bryology by encouraging interactions among all persons interested in byophytes.

Monday, August 30, 2010

IAB blog second year

The IAB blog site is very much alive, as it starts its third year. It has become a very dynamic complement to the old IAB web site. Due to the open collaboration structure, it is easier for anyone to post content on line, in comparison to the restricted access to update the static IAB we site at I invite all those interested in any aspect of bryophytes to become active collaborators to add blog content. This is the place for sharing news, commentaries on recent papers, spark discussions, share your pictures of bryologists in action, etc.

The map above shows a summary of visitors to the blog from September 2009 to August 2010. The Table below has the average number of visitors per month.

Page Loads
Unique Visitors
First Time Visitors
Returning Visitors
10,167 6,053 4,451 1,602
Average 847 504 371 134

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