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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Re: BRYONET: Campylopus introflexus

The spread in coastal northern California has been highly noticable in
my lifetime. I think you could get most of the early records in
California by searching the Berkeley data base:
The data base has the collections of Dan Norris, Jim Shevock, and
various other people associated with them. It does not have all the
bryophytes in California herbaria by any means, but it's as good as
you'll get without looking at the specimens.
I would urge others to also use the database and work to improve it. If
you mess around enough, you'll find that it is excellent for finding
specimens that seem outside of a tidy geographic range or elevation.
This should stimulate people to examine specimens and annotate. Also, of
course, we want people to add records to the data base. It's not hard to
do as just a small extra step past labeling.
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