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Thursday, May 3, 2012

New book: Rare and threatened bryophytes of Ireland

Rare and Threatened Bryophytes of Ireland
Dear bryologists, I’d like to publicise one of the best bryophyte books I have seen in recent years – Rare and threatened bryophytes of Ireland, by Neil Lockhart, Nick Hodgetts and David Holyoak. I think it is the most superb Red-data book I have seen. It is wonderfully illustrated with bryophyte portraits by some first class photographers, and the habitat pictures are truly stunning. If you google it you can get a link to purchase it online. It should give a another boost to bryophyte conservation and study in Ireland, which has been really flourishing over the last few years.
David Long

Dr David G. Long
Head of Cryptogamic Plants & Fungi Section
Royal Botanic Garden
Edinburgh EH3 5LR

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