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The mission of the International Association of Bryologists (IAB), as a society, is to strengthen bryology by encouraging interactions among all persons interested in byophytes.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A short history in images of our IAB website 1998-2004-2011

The earliest record I could find at Internet Archive Wayback Machine is of a 1998 version hosted by Dale Vitt at the University of Alberta.

This is another snapshot of how our website looked like back in 2004. Rob Gradstein expanded the website for the IAB when he became president (1999-2005), appointed Uwe Drehwald to manage it, wrote many of the texts for it and, also, he sponsored it for IAB.


If you want to navigate the sites, the archived versions contain functional links to most pages.
This is nice to have and remember in appreciation of those who made it possible for IAB to have a web site!
Thanks to the previous webmaster Uwe Drehwald, Göttingen. Bryologists worldwide are most grateful to you, Uwe for keeping us up to date with what was going on in bryology.


This is another snapshot of our website in 2016, with the new logo.

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