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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[BRYONET] moss gardening

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Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 09:53:04 -0500
From: Annie Martin <>
To: Janice Glime <>, IAB Bryophyte Forum

TO: IAB Members

As I continue on my journey to promote mosses, I wanted to share my
progress with my bryologist friends this holiday season. My version of
the Yule Log will air today, December 22, 2009, on WLOS-TV in Asheville,
NC on Noon News, Craft Corner segment. If you miss it live, then it can
be accessed later at their Web site. Other segments already aired can be

Holiday Moss Centerpiece

Moss Fairy Garden

Zen Moss Garden

Moss Birdhouses

/Still to come/ – Moss Terrarium – What got me started as a child so
many years ago!

On a more academic note, I've added LOTS of photographs to my bryophyte
gallery at my Web site: <>

Since I am focused on mosses that have horticultural applications in
sustainable landscapes, you'll find examples of "weedy" mosses – those
that grow quickly and are tolerant of both shade and sun exposures. I
have captured images of mosses in a variety of growth stages and
sporophytic states. Also, I've posted some Before/After shots of moss
garden features. Finally, I'm adding documentation of the expansion of
my moss garden installed last winter between Thanksgiving and New
Year's. Indeed, moss gardening in the winter can result in success for
year-round enjoyment. As always, I welcome your feedback or comments.

Mountain Moss Enterprises offers educational programs and a full range
of services as part of my commitment to promoting the advantages of
mosses. So, I keep trekking along my path toward my moss goals with:

* Lectures and workshops providing guidelines for moss gardening and
insight about common bryophyte types.
* Creative moss installations transforming basic landscapes into
verdant green moss features to enjoy through all the seasons. The
latest feature in Cashiers, NC was a Christmas present and
surprise... luckily, completed before the snow blanketed western
North Carolina last week.
* My own moss propagation experiment.
* Prototype rainwater harvesting/solar power/misting irrigation
system for a sustainable approach to moss gardening.
* I am hoping that Santa will bring me a microscope to aid in my
efforts to identify bryophytes types. I am indebted to bryologists
from the halls of academia for sharing your expertise with me. FYI
– I found my first hornwort, Phaeoceros carolinianus, graciously
identified by Paul Davison.

While relaxing yesterday, I ran across this quote and wanted to share it
with you.

/It is remarkable how little any but a lichenist will observe on the
bark of trees. The mass of men have but the vaguest and most indefinite
notion of mosses, as a sort of shreds and fringes, and the world in
which the lichenist dwells is much further from theirs than one side of
he earth from the other. They see bark as if they saw it not. . . ./
Henry David Thoreau, Journal, November 8, 1858

Wishing each of you a joyful holiday.

Your moss friend,

Mossin' Annie

Annie Martin <>
Mountain Moss Enterprises
40 Holly Ridge Road
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768
+1.828.577.1321 <>

Moss mirrors the intricacies of your inner self.

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