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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Moss mantid?

I have attached a picture of a wonderful moss/liverwort mimic in the insect order Mantodea.  This creature was introduced to me by Dorothy Allard from a field trip to Costa Rica and this picture was sent to me by Diane Lucas.  However, we have been unable to identify it or find out its usual habitat and substrate.
  There are moss mantids in the genus Acanthops, but I am not certain this is in the same genus - I have only been able to locate one picture from Ecuador - of just the head - and it seems every website that discusses the genus uses that picture.
  I am hoping some of you with neotropical or South American experience can provide me a bit more information on habitat, usual or common substrate (does it really live among mosses), is it aerial or more at ground level, and what is its name.  Any pictures with this insect in its native habitat would also be most welcome for my online book.
Thank you, and enjoy this remarkable winged bryophyte!


  1. I contacted an expert in Phasmids, he told me it was a female nymph of Trychopeplus laciniatus.

  2. I am from Panama and I have seen two of these in the canopy, around 15m.